I have been meaning to try to get into HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography ever since I was fortunate enough to see Trey Ratcliff speak at my university. However; as the months passed, that became just another of the countless victims of my work schedule.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to shoot these landscapes in RAW a few months ago when I was photographing the Swiss Riviera. The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking, and while I was there, I felt that these photos would be perfect for when I did finally get to try HDR.

I created this particular image by taking a single image, then editing it differently for the buildings, water, and sky. After that, I combined the three, sections into one image.

On a side note, the WordPress clock seems to be running ahead of mine, so my calendar is saying that I missed a day, but I promise, this went up on the 2nd.


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