1-19-13 Xbox

Last night, my fiancé and I finally got her the Kinect she’s been wanting for months. Much to the dismay of the tenants below us, we’ve been spending most of the day playing with it the motion driven device. By far, my favorite feature is the option to control the console with voice commands. I think that means it’s officially the future now.

At any rate, it reminded me of a strip from one of my favorite comics, Penny Arcade (the original strip here).  I’ve meant to try doing a photo adaptation of a comic strip for a while now, and today seemed as good a day as any. It’s probably going to be the last one you see one hough, starring me at least. I hate taking self portraits because: A) It’s kind of a pain to get everything for the shot set up, and then try to get into position before the timer runs out, and B) I find myself to be an extremely unattractive man.

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