Dried Flora & Maxine Models


I’m not sure how long I’ve saved this flower, but it’s probably been at least five years. I remember carting this and a few other flowers from my family’s house when I moved to my first apartment, then when I moved in with my fiancé, and now to my current residence. All this was in the intent to eventually use it as a prop for some photos, and today that plan finally came together! See, all my pack-rat tendencies pay off eventually, sometimes!

I included a photo that diagrams my setup,  should anyone want to try something similar. The whole thing is really slapped together. There’s a laundry basket, a book, DDR pad, and I’m using a water bottle to hold the flower.  Oh, I guess that I haven’t introduced this feline here on the site yet. This is Queen Maxine: the Littlest Puma; but we usually just call her ‘Max’ to save time.  She likes to help, and it was too damn cute to not photograph.

As far as the camera settings go, I needed to capture the greatest amount of detail.  I attached my macro lens and cranked my aperture up to f40 to get the greatest amount of depth and detail. In order to compensate for the lack of light coming in with the f40 aperture, I had to drop my exposure time to 1.3 seconds. Then, because camera shake becomes even more noticeable with such a tight zoom, I had to set my camera on a five second delay to negate any camera motion. And, of course I want as little grain as possible, so the ISO is all the way down at 100. I brought up the contrast in Photoshop to get the most out of the detail, and then I just brought the saturation down a bit.

I played around with editing a bit too, so I put those in a slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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