Digital Detox

Is anyone else just getting sick of computers? I feel like they’re eating more and more of my time at an increasing rate, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

It’s not really as just turning it off either. When I look at the lists if things I have to do, nearly all of them revolve around my laptop. I’m currently seeking work, and the vast majority of job seeking has gone online. When I was in school, virtually all of my homework required it in some capacity or another. And, while shooting photos gets me away from it, I need to return to do all of my editing, design work, and promoting it with various social media. Even the nearly 2 hours i spent planning upcoming shoots with a model today relied pretty heavily on me using laptop. It feels like the only way to be productive anymore is in front of my computer. I feel like I’ve got to get away from it.

There’s too much job hunting and design work to go off of it entirely, but I wan to at least try something. So, I figure I’ll spend at least half tomorrow off of my laptop and smart phone (which I’m using to write this, since I just can’t stand to open the laptop at this point) and keeping off social media and some of my bigger time sinks for the next 24 hours.

The irony of making an electronic post for this is not lost on me, but I feel the need to be creating daily content, even if it is just a small journal-like such as this one.

Hopefully, the time in digital detox tomorrow will do me some good, and give me time to work on more content. And, maybe you could join me in getting away from the electronics for a while. I find that even an hour goes a long way for this.

Best of luck, and I’ll be back online either late tomorrow night, or Wednesday.

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