Weather Mocks My Day Out

DSC_0013 DSC_0018

Having reached the point I could no longer look at my computer and absolutely fed up of all the work I have to do, I spent the vast majority of my day staying away from my laptop. It was actually a remarkably liberating experience, and it felt like I had tapped into a long abandoned time reserve.

I then proceeded to squander almost every last minute of it. “The weather is really warm for this time of year,  and most of the snow has melted, so a nice long walk sounds great!” I monologued to myself.

“Wait,” cried an alternate, yet equally compelling inner voice. “You’ve got a bike on the porch that’s been sitting neglected in the cold, and you really need to show the poor thing some love. Plus, it takes forever to walk everywhere you need to run errands in town, and you’ve got that new handlebar mount for the GoPro, so you really have no reason NOT to take it out.”

“That sounds like a splendid idea!” chimed yet, a third voice. And so, it was settled that I would take the bike! Of course, this meant tuning it up after spending half a winter outside because my apartment gives me no other place to stash the thing. So, after burning daylight getting the thing riding-ready, it was time to head out.

Mother Nature, however, felt it necessary to start a downpour in the time it took me to walk the bike from my porch, to the front door. I decided that, by this point, I really had no more fucks give, hopped on the bike, and rode about half the perimeter of the small city I live in through the rain and mud. It was kind of awesome.

Anyway, I don’t have proper video editing software yet, so I went out and shot some photos by a lake nearby after a friend texted me to tell me about how foggy it had gotten.  Enjoy!


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