50 in 52

I have a secret shame. For so long, the sheer hypocrisy of it has been looming over me, becoming heavier and heavier with each passing day. My conscience will allow it to go on no further!

You see, for as much as I champion the power of books, I am not quite the bibliophile I would hope to be. As the class loads, work loads, and what slivers of social life I could piece together began to pile up, I found myself with less and less time for reading anything that wasn’t required for classes. Even when I was able to find time to read, I was often too exhausted to keep my eyes open long enough to read more than a handful of pages. On the rare occasion I wasn’t fending off sleep, I was often too tense and restless to simply sit and enjoy anything. What little reading for pleasure I did was brief periods while waiting for busses, in line for food, between calls at my phone center job, and the occasional marathon bowel movement.

Now, I’ve graduated. The hurricane of obligations has suddenly quieted, and the things that I was forced to abandon have since been gradually returning to my life. Finally, I can attack the growing multitudes of books I’ve purchased while under the temporary delusion that perhaps I could find time for THIS one.

And, for some added incentive, I’ll be undergoing what’s called the ’50 in 52′ challenge. The goal is simple; just get through 50 books in the 52 weeks of the year. To work my writing muscles a little more, I’ll even be writing up reviews for some of them. To get started, I’ve got list of all the books in the apartment that I have yet to complete attached below. I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to pull it off, but I hope it will at least be that added little kick I need.

Casual Vacancy
Game of Thrones
X Call of Cthulhu
The Hobbit
Franklin Flyer
The Bang Bang Club
Lessons in Life and Death
Photography Survival Manual
Angela and Demons
Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Interesting Times
Bhagavad Gita
The Portrait of Dorian Grey
Atlas Shrugged
Heart of Darkness
20th Century Photography
25 Lessons
The Sanctity of Marriage Handbook
1 on 1: Revenge of the Red Dragon
Manga for Dummies
The Iraq War
Beyond Good and Evil
Strip for Murder
Self Phycology
Blue is for Nightmares
Life Among the Lutherans
X-Men: Phoenix Saga
The Long Halloween
Etiquette for Outlaws

Feel free to join me too. Let me know what books you want to read if undertaking the 50 in 52, share recommendations, tell me if my reviews are any help, and pass the challenge along to your fiends too. Wish me luck!



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