Smoking in the Cold


I had hoped that the weather had improved enough to take on a shoot downtown. I was wrong.

Between the model, Jordan; my assistant, Lee; and myself, we barely lasted over an hour before all our appendages lost any semblance of feeling and we were forced to retreat. Jordan was a trooper though, being out in that cold, in that outfit. Models are some of the most hardcore people you will ever meet.

Overall, I’m not terribly happy with the shoot. The images aren’t necessarily bad overall, just, well, generic. While they were technically sound for the conditions, I am disappointed that I didn’t really push to anything truly creative and new. I had a few images in my head that I just couldn’t seem to pull off. I could blame it on the fact that it was cold and nasty, and I only had the one flash with just a short sync cord, but that’s really a cop-out, and no way to get better. All I can do is try to learn as much more as I can, and then try again.

One thought on “Smoking in the Cold

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