Jordan Gets In Touch With Her Inner Harley Girl

Returning again is the ever-awesome Jordan Castello! We were lucky enough to be given permission to shoot at a nearby Harley Davidson outlet. However; the catch was that we were only given an hour to work with  before the store opened, and we had to work fast. Every shot had to count, and I really had no time to explore many different set-ups, and could only grab a few exposures at a time. Overall, I feel pretty happy with the set, but there were a few issues that I saw in post that I wish I had time to fix physically, rather than in Photoshop later.

I was actually a little physically sore after we wrapped, I was using my left hand to hold my flash off-camera to get the right angle, leaving my right to support the camera on its own. Eventually, I had to break down and use my tripod toward the end to prevent camera shake. Not to mention trying to maneuver my flash into position while it was attached to the my monopod.  I was really happy that I had thought to bring a stepladder along. The shop made for a cluttered background, and the ability to shoot from a high angle really helped clean up the composition.

I still had a blast with the shoot, and it was exciting to try to get everything done within the time limit.


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