30 Day Photo Challenge 1: Self Portrait

Self PortraitThe first prompt for the 30 Day Photo Challenge is a self portrait. I know it’s a bad way to start off, but I totally phoned this one in; just snapping a photo of my reflection in a shop window downtown. See, I hate taking self portraits, I really, really do. The technical pains-in-the-ass of trying to use a camera while not actually being behind it aside, I just don’t like the way I look. My skin is bad, my hair is thin, and I recently learned that, while other people have laugh lines, I have a singular “smirk line” on one side of my face. You can’t see it here because I was actually  so self-conscious about it, that I shopped it out. I hate the way I look in every photo taken of me since middle school, with the exception of one shot by this awesome lady whom I ran into downtown while downtown with my camera while shooting the above self portrait. She’s a classmate of mine, and I was glad to see her outside of school since I graduated. She even brought her awesome greyhound!


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