Lindsey Stirling Concert


Did I ever mention that my fiancé is amazing? I’m not sure. Back in January, she scored us tickets to see the electric violinist, Lindsey Stirling. The show was absolutely phenomenal.
The fact that security made me leave my camera at coat check, not so much. Not a lot bothers me, but separating me from my gear is almost guaranteed to set me into a foul mood. Said foul mood proved difficult to maintain as the concert began though, and I decided to do the best I could with what I had.
Oh, my poor little cell phone camera sensor, it tried so hard. The situation became a reinforcement of the lesson that you have to embrace the lighting you have.
I set my camera phone to focus and expose for the screen behind Stirling, creating a silhouette effect for the majority of the photos. I then dropped them into my phone’s Photoshop app to alter the exposure, boost the contrast, sharpen, and adjust the saturation. It sounds a lot more extreme than it was. In reality, it was a lot of small tweaks that increased the clarity of the image to increase the clarity of the sensor.Overall, the concert was great, and it proved to be a fun little photo exercise.


The above photo was edited on my camera, but the shots in the gallery below were edited on my laptop’s Photoshop to see how much I could touch them up. More than anything, it was an exercise in using the noise reduction tool.


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