Taking Flight


With spring slowly winning over control of the thermometer from winter, the animals have been reemerging. As such, I’ve been really getting into wildlife photography lately. This may be my current favorite nature photo… sort of. The more I shoot with it, the more the clarity issues on my lens seem to bother me.

I tried doing what I could to sharpen it in Photoshop with some marginal success. The drawback is that it greatly increased the grain of the image. So, I rant it through a noise reduction filter and played with the levels the best I could to get rid of the grain.

The last few days have been pretty crazy. I woke up in a different city three days in a row. A friend and I did DC and back to Ohio on Saturday for the Cherry Blossom Festival, then off to Salem to  visit with Karen’s family on Sunday, then down to Columbus on Monday for some academia and chicken. Then, all of Tuesday was spent outside enjoying the weather and taking even more photos. Thankfully, it was rainy today, or I would never have had the opportunity to edit anything. Don’t I’m playing around with some projects from DC now, and I’ll hopefully be posting those, along with a few other personal projects soon.


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