I Took The GoPro into the Pool


DCIM100GOPRO         I wanted to get a feel for doing underwater model shoots with the GoPro before summer ends and I’ll have to wait until next year. My lovely fiance Karen graciously volunteered to model for me. I’m happy with the overall results. A lot of the shots aren’t as bright as I would have liked, but I feel like that’s due more to the fact that we shot it at 6pm than anything else. Next underwater shoot will have to happen around noon. With any luck, I can do a full on underwater shoot with the GoPro by the end of the season.








3 thoughts on “I Took The GoPro into the Pool

    • I like it too. This is just a test though, the lighting is off. I had to edit the Hell out of it to get it where it is now. I’ve got a shoot set up tomorrow with a different model during a time when the lighting will be better.

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