Snow Day Sledding

SNOW DAY! With the university closed due to a recent mauling by the Polar Vortex, it only makes sense to ride a few “found” cafeteria trays down the steepest hill one can find.

I’m honestly a little surprised that I have never done that before. I was usually working about three jobs on top of taking a full course load of upper-division classes, meaning that there wasn’t much time for much anything else. That, and I was always skeptical as to how well the little rectangles would act as sleds. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded, and I was soon doing better on the tray than with the actual sleds. It’s just a matter of centering yourself on the thing as much as possible and staying balanced.

Unfortunately, my Adobe Premier was giving me fits, so I had to edit this in the GoPro editing software. It’s fine for when I’d just looking to make a quick time lapse video, but it absolutely wretched for anything more complex. The controls are unintuitive and laughable limited. Sigh, I really miss my Final Cut Pro.

On a side note, finding music for these things is a pain. Even if you can track down a site that has free, royalty-free music, it’s still a shot in the dark finding what you think will work. It’s not like hunting through photos, where I can see thumbnails. I wound up on a site called Jamendo, clicking through songs at random until I found one that worked. All things considered though, I feel like Heavy Mitchell by The NUNCHAKS wound up fitting everything about as well as I could have hoped. I feel like it adds a little something to the presentation that wasn’t there before.


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