Photo Restoration

My grandmother found a photograph of her and her siblings, but it had been damaged. I started with the photo on the left, and finished with the image on the right. It isn’t quite perfect, but I’ll probably revisit it soon

enhancedGrandma's photo restoration crop


The project happened over a few hours, and I exported the steps and layers as a GIF. So, on top of restoration practice, I got to learn how to do animation in Photoshop. Since I’m still relatively new to fixing damaged photos, comments and criticisms are always welcome.



3 thoughts on “Photo Restoration

  1. Hi there you have made a great start in developing your skills. Some things to look out for are “the importance of selection”, edge selection and blending them in with the focus of the image. In particular between the two boys.
    When reconstructing parts of the image ensure those new parts flow with the existing lines. One of your cladding planks has been corrected but to the wrong angle, so it looks like it is sticking out.
    Mot sure what software you are suing but you could tone down the bright faces with a little burning of the highlights with a soft brush.
    Stop by the blog and find out how to do these. See “using vanishing point and clone” for those planks and “the importance of selection” for the piece you inserted between the two boys.
    I hope this helps.

  2. VERY impressive. I especially liked the .gif, it’s a nice multimedia touch. How many (estimated) hours do you have in this restoration?

    • I didn’t keep track. I want to say around five to seven over a week. I’m still not totally happy with it, and will probably research ways to improve it further.

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