House Building

20140418_134613(0)Lately, I’ve been helping a buddy and his family build a new house. It makes for some interesting angles, perspectives, and framing. I snapped a few frames on my phone between hauling heavy materials and playing with power tools. This shot was actually supposed to be a silhouette, but the image came out more evenly exposed than I thought it would, and then one thing led to another in Lightroom. What do you guys think, was I too harsh on those little cell-phone pixels? 


5 thoughts on “House Building

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  2. I like this shot, I don’t think the color/contrast/shadows are too drastic or over-worked. It’s a smooth edit. My only critique is the orientation of the photo and the lack of feet. I feel the tilt of the picture doesn’t necessarily help the image; try keeping the tilt level with all the straight pieces of wood and/or crop the photo later at the knees of the subject instead of the ankles (it appears more natural, IMO). Other than those two things, the moment and angle are great. I love the natural framing and color. Nice pic!

    • Thanks for the feedback on the editing. I totally agree with you on the feet and the tilt. It was admittedly less of an artistic choice, and more the fact that there was so much glare fro the sun that I really couldn’t see what I was shooting. Apart from seeing a basic silhouette on my phone, I was basically shooting blind. I’ll have to find a way around that in the future.

      • Nah, Nah – I take lots of crooked cell phone pics. It’s completely understandable when shooting down low. I was suggesting maybe cropping and straightening it after the fact. Ya know, to give it a little more of that spark to catch the viewer’s eye.

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