The Lock, The Boxes, and The Gallery


There is a custom in Paris in which couples carve their initials into a padlock, lock it on the side of a bridge, and then throw the keys into the river. We have one such lock in a bridge in Paris, but I thought it would be a nice birthday present for Karen to have another one on the overlook where I proposed.




We also continued to assemble our wedding favors. They’re amassing an impressive pile now and, combined with the light coming in from the window, make for something of an interesting visual. Then, I just kept going, shooting different angles, metal binder rings, and even a Gurren Lagann action figure (because, why not?)


I then had to rush out to help my friend, Jen, with the Akron Art Walk. I helped to setup the paintings, sculptures, and photos. I even sneaked in a few of my own.




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