As much as Karen and I were enjoying the mountains, we’re both a bit more at home in the city. When Karen mentioned that she’d heard good things about Asheville a couple of hours south, I couldn’t wait to go explore. We were even able to meet up with my friend Ivy who showed us around.

First, we checked out the massive arboretum. There were miles of hiking trails, multiple, greenhouses, special outdoor arrangements, and buildings with different education and art exhibits.

As amazing as the arboretum was, we were there to check out the city itself. At Ivy’s suggestion, we checked out the arcade. My disappointment that it was less of a video arcade and more just a fancy mall was soon forgotten when I saw all of the unique stores and the amazing architecture. My favorite spot was a two floor, dog-friendly book store/ coffee shop/wine bar.

After that, we just wandered the city.

It was great to wander the city a bit after being in the mountains all week. We’d both love to go back to Asheville whenever we could get the next chance.


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