First Ride of The Season

I’ve been needing a good bike ride lately. After spending a few hours with my buddy, Chris, working on his family’s new house, we decided to take the bikes for a spin. We wound up going around 20 miles round trip along the local trails, and I was lucky enough to have had my GoPro with me to shoot some video.



Cleaning The Office

I took some time to clean out the office in the apartment so that I have some space to work and exercise. And, since I love to multitask, I set up the GoPro on time lapse on the off chance that it might turn out to be something mildly interesting to watch sped-up. As a bonus, you get a little behind-the-scenes action of me shooting my wine glass photos at the end before the battery on the GoPro runs out.

Anne Stewart

This is another of my older projects I shot back in college. The piece follows Anne Stewart, a resident of the Silver Oaks Place retirement community. She and the rest of the community were evicted from their homes with just 60 days notice when the property was purchased by Capstone Development Corp to be re-purposed for student housing.

Breakneck Acres

It’s another housekeeping day, so I’m cleaning out my laptop, catching up on wedding stuff, and updating my online job search tools. I found a video that I made my senior year on Breakneck Acres, a local farm.

I lost track of how long I worked on this. I was at the farm at least twice a week, sometimes more, shooting stills and experimenting with audio and video. Then I got to follow that with sleepless nights in the campus computer lab editing it all together. And I loved every minute of it. I loved meeting new people, interacting with the animals, leaning new technology, learning about farming, I loved all of it. Going back and watching this again helped remind me why I work as had as I do to find something in this field. It reminded me that maybe I am good at what I love to do.