2014 turned out to be kind of a big year for me. I left my temp job to freelance full time, had my work published in a book,  got married, moved into a house, and just last week I became a godfather.

Those are just the bigger events of my life from this last year. For all of the smaller moments and memories, I look back through the photos I’ve taken this year. That’s where all the tiger hunts, bike rides, fashion shows, travel, events, and quiet afternoons reside.

 This is what I love to do more than anything,  the love and support of those closeto me, as well as everyone I’ve met through the site, is what lets me keep doing it. I can’t say for sure where I’ll go in 2015, but I have some big plans in the works. So, keep an eye on the site, and we’ll go together.

Returning To Twin Lakes

I had more yard work to do, but I brought my DSLR this this time so I don’t have to rely on my camera phone. I lucked out, since the birds were feeling friendly. Normally they hang back at the tops of trees and close to the water, but today they stuck close enough to the road that I could get clear shots with my 24-70mm and 50mm.

Of course, I shot more than just the red-winged black birds.

And, because all of you just love toads:


Dog Sledding

Today, I learned that I can run fast enough to keep up with a dog sled. Granted, said sled was only attached to three dogs. And none of them are technically sled dogs, per day. But, you know, running ahead of a group of dogs while carrying a camera and photo gear has to count for something, right?

What started with a McDonald’s run with my friend Ari, led to an improvised sled dog shoot. She and her roommate Jamie have just started training their dogs Azula, Gamble, Ryuk, and Juggernaut to work as a sled pulling team. They were all too excited to actually hold still being harnessed, and haven’t quite mastered the whole “turning” concept yet, but they’ll get there. And just so you know, Juggernaut the little black and white mutt, is up for adoption. So, if any of you are local and looking for a new friend who can also pull you around in the snow, let me know in the comments section.