Last week, I showed off an early attempt at doing some graphic design, here. At the encouragement of my fiancé and a few friends, I kept experimenting with the concept. While the floral design is the same in both images, I decided to go with Arabic instead of Japanese this time around. Now, I don’t have a physical Arabic-English dictionary to cross reference, so I am just going to have to trust Google Translate on this one. I got multiple different possible translations, but ultimately went with this:


love, friendship, cordiality, intimacy, bonhomie, fellowship


I did run it past a friend who is studying the language though. She said that she didn’t recognize the dialect, but then I discovered that a piece of the pattern could be mistaken as an accent mark on the word. I took that out, and I think that should remove any confusion. However; if anyone out there speaks Arabic, and sees that this is wrong, please correct me.

Overall, I like the aesthetic of the design. The Arabic script flows with the floral imprint in a way that works for me. The green and white color pallet is a refreshing change from my usual designs that usually have a lot more black.