Bentleyville Panoramas

Wedding prep and work has been keeping me busy, so I’ve got no small backlog of things that I need to post. These photos here are from a family trip to my ancestral home of Bentleyville, Pennsylvania.  Both of my grandparents on my mother’s side grew up there and many of my grandmother’s family still lives. The area is absolutely beautiful with its sprawling hills and miles of woods. I do regret accidentally leaving my 24-70mm in my other bag with my 70-300m attached to my camera body, making wide shots difficult. I think I was able to make due with my 50mm.

Wine Glass

Broken Wine Glass 2Karen broke one of our wine glasses the other night, which can only mean that I have anew photo prop to play with!

     I played around with some photo manipulation too. I filled an identical (intact) glass, shot that under the same conditions, and played around with a couple variations on combining the two images. I think I’ll need to a) lean how to better shop the imperfections off the glass, b) light a bit differently to reduce glare, and c) try again, but fill the second glass more to give more definition to the glass’ shape.

Broken Wine Glass combine 1

Broken Wine Glass combine 2