Peanut: The Potbelly Pig

20140905_112837Biking might be my new favorite way to find photos. While peddling through Twin Lakes, I had to stop, do a U-turn, and start snapping photos of Mike Weber and his companion, Peanut the Vietnamese potbelly pig. Weber and his wife had heard of a friend selling piglets, and they wanted to bring one home as a surprise for their adopted, middle school daughter.


Into The Storm

As I sit inside, sheltered from a much-needed storm outside, I think back to a few weeks ago to some similar weather. I was sitting with my book, listening to the rain as I received a message from a friend, asking if I was safe inside. Just as I was responding, I received another, similar message.  My phone kept going off as more and more people wanted to me sure that I was not braving the storm to take photos.

Now, I was intrigued. Should I be out shooting? I pulled out my laptop and started checking social media local news, and my police scanner. Sure enough, there was flash flooding reported all over the area . How could I be expected to stay inside when there was this much news to shoot? I rushed to waterproof my gear for the rain and headed for the door. Fortunately, most of the rain had stopped by the time I headed out the door to see what I could find.


I’m not sure if it’s genetic or learned, but journalists seem to lack the self-preservation instincts that drive most sane people away from danger as opposed to toward it.

The New Downtown




There is a ton of construction going on in downtown Kent right now. It’s been going on for the last few years as part of a push for rejuvenation, but has exploded in the last few months. This clock tower and parking garage all went up the last few weeks. I even shot the photo from a freshly redone addition to the campus’ main walkway.

I liked the idea of the original shot (on the left) but I planned making the image an HDR from the get go. The more I looked at it, the less I was thrilled with the shot itself, so I wound up making it a very quick and dirty edit. Basically, I took the RAW image and opened it twice in Photoshop, one exposed for the sky and the other for the buildings. I still wasn’t happy with the building exposure, so I created an inverted Level layer and painted it to fine-tune the exposure. After that, I did one final level layer over the whole thing to get it right where it needed to be. I thought of posting it there, but the lampposts were bothering me, so I took those out. This shot was probably WAY more trouble than it’s worth, but It’s good practice, I guess.