Tiny Kittens

DSC_0023Karen’s mom took in a tiny new foster, who just happen to be pregnant with a litter of tiny kittens. They haven’t even opened their eyes yet. We are worried about the runt though. She was left out of kitten cuddles and left to languish by the litter box.


Card Clean Out

Sometimes I don’t do cohesive shoots, but just kind of snag the various things I see throughout the day.

DSC_0003 DSC_0007

My favorite part of juicing is when I fling the veggie and fruit pulp out our back door into the woods behind our apartment. It’s more eco-conscious than tossing it in the garbage, and sometimes it attracts squirrels to pose for photos. Bonus points of your cat then tries to chase said squirrels from the other side of a sliding glass door.

DSC_0025 Damnit, Max! You said it was a couple friends, and you’d just be watching movies!



The deer got bold today. They wandered out from the woods and into the area by the pool.

The Year In Review

A full year. Since I graduated. Since I proposed. Since I started freelancing. Since I started the site to keep myself in practice. I suppose that I should take a hard look back at 2013.

                Let’s start by looking at things from a purely objective standpoint and take a look at the numbers.

  • Numbers Total Hits: 9,709
  • Overall Average Hits Per Day: 27
  • Most Hits In A Single Day: 283
  • Total Number of Followers: 110
  • Total Number Of Posts: 205
  • 205 posts/ 365 Days= 56.1% of Daily Goal
  • Then again, I was working 60-80 hours a week the last two months of the year, so taking off November and December, we get 196 Posts /304 Days= 64.5%

 What do these numbers tell us? Well, they tell me that I need to do better. I While I have started writing, editing video, and dabbling more with graphic design, I haven’t come as far with branching my skills as I would have liked. And yes, I have been shooting daily, it hasn’t necessarily been what I want to be working on.

It might be fair to say that I’ve been… disconnected. After I graduated, I lost all of the resources available to me through the university. That doesn’t just include the photo gear and technology, but the connections though fellow students and teachers. Add all that to the fact that my car died early this year, and funds have been relatively low. So, with no money, no car, and no connections, it honestly felt like a year adrift.

But, those are just the numbers and the setup. What did this year in photos actually look like? (Be sure to click to open in theater mode. There’s a cut line for each one of these. )

Where does that leave me? I wouldn’t call the year empty, and I can’t say there was nothing fulfilling.  I wouldn’t say that I didn’t grow, but I still feel like I could have been more. I feel like I’m falling behind my peers. All I can do is try to keep at getting myself off the ground this year.

I photographed this collision with my cell phone on my lunch break. Thankfully, there were no fatalities. The photograph was picked up by one of the local papers.

I photographed this collision with my cell phone on my lunch break. Thankfully, there were no fatalities. The photograph was picked up by one of the local papers.

Still, with everything I shot this year, one photo stands out more than anything I did. It was the photograph I took on my lunch break with cell phone of the car crash. It reminded me how much I can care; not just about news, but about people. I had just finished Dave LaBelle’s Lessons in Life and Death, and learned just how much photographs of tragedy can help those involved cope and come to terms with those events. I felt like I had a responsibility.  It reminded me that no matter where I am, or what I’m doing with my life, that drive for journalism, and news is always there. I’m never going to give up.

One of a Kind Pets

My friends Chris and Lindsay invited me to come out to One of a Kind Pets. It’s an amazing no-kill shelter out in Akron that has rooms filled with free-roaming animals you can go in and hang out with. We spent about an hour just chilling out in rooms filled with cats. If not for Max, I totally would have come home with a kitten. It’s an amazing place, and if you’re looking to bring a pet into your life and in the Akron area, go check it out.


Oh, after the animal shelter, we went on a hunt for some fish. So, bonus fish photos.