Emily at the Riverfront

I teamed up with my awesome and lovely friend, Emily, to shoot a portrait set down my the Cuyahoga Falls Riverfront. Since half the shoot was at night, I got experimental with the lighting. The shots by the fountain in particular used a combination of shutter dragging, one off camera flash for fill light, and a second remote flash with a spotlight modifier. The post processing was more elaborate than usual to, How did I do? Let me know in the comments below. 



Hey, everyone, I’ve got an announcement. Recently, I’ve teamed up with Kent’s amazing Mckay Bricker gallery to start selling postcards of my photos.

We currently have three designs on sale

The people of Kent have been some of my most loyal followers, especially with local content. So, I’d like to use this as an opportunity to give back. If you go to McKay Bricker and purchase a postcard, upload a photo of the card as a comment here, or to my Facebook page for to be entered into a drawing for a free print. On January 1st, I will draw to to give away three framed 8.5/11 prints of your favorite Kent scene from my page.

I cannot overstate how supportive all of you have been, and how big a step this is for me. Support here doesn’t just mean that I can make the jump from a digital to a physical market, but that I can contribute to a growing local marketplace. It means that I can pour even more time and resources into creating the work that I’ve been posting for nearly two years.

Thank you all so much.

Got a Screen For My GoPro

I got a viewing screen for my GoPro for Christmas and I had to go play with it a bit. Too bad I got called into work early while I was shooting and only managed to get a handful of shots.

The screen itself allows me to use it almost like a point-and shoot in single shot mode, which is how I used it here. I can’t wait to use it more though, since it will let me actually frame shots instead of just trying to point it in the right direction and hoping for the best. Being able to delete videos will help with data too.

Putting the panoramas from something with so wide a lens was interesting. It gave me some interesting results in Photoshop before I cropped it.

Screenshot 2013-12-31 01.36

The Community Dinner

Sometimes, I like to donate my time and resources to various local organizations. Over the weekend I went to take photos at the Kent Community Dinner presented by All Together Now, a community-wide pot luck dinner with a focus on bringing together people from different cultural backgrounds to promote a greater sense of coming together. The venue also moves from event to event, and this weekend, it was hosted by the Islamic Community Center of Akron. It’s a beautiful mosque, with an expansive prayer room, and huge dining hall that was full to bursting.

Everyone there was spectacular too. There were people from so many different cultural backgrounds from every corner of so many different local communities. On top of all of the beautiful Muslim dress, I saw someone in a kilt, a Slavic cape, and even some crazy costumes from representatives of interfaith churches.

However; what stands out most in my mind is one small, burqa-clad woman working in the kitchen with one of the warmest smiles I have ever seen. She came up to me while I was shooting, and said I looked tired, and offered me some of the desserts she was preparing. I told her that I was fine, not tired, but maybe just a little thirsty. She scuttled out of the kitchen, and returned with a large bottle of water and a cup. And, later, when dinner was being served, she found me and made sure that I had something to eat, even though I was shooting. They were small gestures, but they meant so much to me. I really just wanted to give her a giant hug. Not sure if that would be allowed though.

See, I’ve studied other cultures since I was a kid, but I caught myself surprisingly ignorant of much of the culture standing before me. I wasn’t completely uninformed, being an avid news consumer, interacting with Muslim culture around campus, but I still felt poorly equipped. That is something that needs to be corrected. Then again, I guess learning about other cultures is what the community dinners are based around.

This is my third time covering this event, and the best time I’ve had so far. Everyone was amazing, I learned a little, and I got some nice photos. I can’t wait to cover the next one.