Fashion Week-Friday

Here we go, Fashion Week, round two! If you haven’t seen part one, go get caught up.Seriously, if you haven’t seen that one, the plot’s not going to make any sense, and the big reveal just won’t have the same impact.

As much fun as these are, they’re going to be the death of me. It’s five hours of shooting, then another few hours of solid editing through hundreds of photos. Still, I think the results are worth it. What do you think?

New Business Card

bird-trace-redwhite card Phone Number omittedI’m covering an event tonight, and I needed to whip up a new business card. I wanted to use one of my nicer model shoot photos, but the last time I tried that at my local printers they couldn’t handle much in the way of detail, and anything with a gradient turned into mush. Hopefully, the more minimalistic approach of the tracing will print better. I also took the phone number off for the blog post, but it will be on the printed cards.

I know I’m fairly hit-and-miss on graphic design, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Be brutal, I can take it.

The Perfected Bird

bird trace Red+white

I can go weeks without getting a single comment, but I got a ton of feedback on yesterday’s post. Better yet, it was some really constructive criticism, particularly toward this variation. So, I looked at all the feedback, adjusted the color, smoothed out some of the rougher details, and gave the little bird an eye. Let me know what you think of the redesign, and feel free leave any more feedback in the comments down below.

So Many Windsock Photos

collage attempt 2

     I put this together as a gag gift for a professor of mine. See, over the last couple months, I worked with some of my professors on an aviation project called Lost in Oscar Hotel. One of my assignments was to just grab a photo of a windsock in some nasty weather; easy enough. Trouble was, it never matched up with my professor wanted. So I spent months going out to shoot windsock photos over the course of a few months. The center photo was the image that my professor finally decided would work for the book. I decided to put together a collage of all of the 150+ windsock photos that I had gone out to shoot for the assignment.



Last week, I showed off an early attempt at doing some graphic design, here. At the encouragement of my fiancé and a few friends, I kept experimenting with the concept. While the floral design is the same in both images, I decided to go with Arabic instead of Japanese this time around. Now, I don’t have a physical Arabic-English dictionary to cross reference, so I am just going to have to trust Google Translate on this one. I got multiple different possible translations, but ultimately went with this:


love, friendship, cordiality, intimacy, bonhomie, fellowship


I did run it past a friend who is studying the language though. She said that she didn’t recognize the dialect, but then I discovered that a piece of the pattern could be mistaken as an accent mark on the word. I took that out, and I think that should remove any confusion. However; if anyone out there speaks Arabic, and sees that this is wrong, please correct me.

Overall, I like the aesthetic of the design. The Arabic script flows with the floral imprint in a way that works for me. The green and white color pallet is a refreshing change from my usual designs that usually have a lot more black.