Fall Fairy

Hey everyone. It looks like I’ve decided to break my hiatus with a fall foliage shoot. All of you remember Samantha Novak, right? She’s always a treat to work with and we both decided that we needed to sneak in a shoot to take advantage of the leaves while we could. and of course, she already had a   fairy costume that goes perfectly with the scene. I love shoots like this where I get to go crazy with different lighting setups and going all-out in post. After you’re done “liking,” sharing, and following this post, be sure to show Samantha some love over on her Facebook page.

Finally Upgraded My Body

After roughly four years of service from my Nikon D80, I’ve finally upgraded to a new D7200. The specifications completely blow my previous body out of the water. I’ve mostly been messing around with it so far.

The D7200 is phenomenal in low light. I took it downtown and shot entirely without a flash. Where the D80’s ISO would become too grainy to be of any real use after about 800, but the newer model still looks solid well beyond 6400.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what this thing can do. Stay tuned for more. If you have anything you would want to see coming up, let me know in the comments below.

Easing Back In

My schedule has been more than a little ridiculous lately, leaving little time to just shoot for myself. In an attempt to break the monotony, I grabbed my D80 and 50mm, hit the pavement. First, I found not one, but two wedding parties, and snapped a few candid shots I’m not able to when shooting a wedding myself. After that, I hit up a party over at the Groove-E-Juice E-cigarette shop to celebrate the opening of its new lounge. But I didn’t get to stay long. The smoke detector’s visual sensor mistook the e-cig vapor for smoke, setting off the alarm and calling the fire department. Fortunately, it all got sorted out, and the party was free to continue.

Hot Air Balloon

Have you ever run in steel-toe boots? It’s not as bad as it sounds… for about the first 100 feet. Then it gets awful. But, these are the pains I happily endure to get quality photos for you, dear readers. A hot air balloon drifted through downtown, and I was compelled to chase it down to get the best angles.

Down the Esplanade

Anyone around Kent State will have noticed that both the university and town proper have been undergoing a somewhat dramatic overhauls over the last couple of years. The centerpiece being a new esplanade that starts at the student center on campus, and connects directly to the downtown business district. And, with me having both a GoPro and a bike to which to attach it, I decided to do the university marketing department’s job for them and shoot some time lapse.

Off The Wagon

I was asked by the owner of local shop, Off The Wagon, to get some outside photos of the store for a custom game she is putting together. I headed out at 6am to be sure I could get clean shots without pedestrians, cars, and other visual clutter. Even though the other buildings obscured the best of the golden hour light, I’m happy for what I did have to work with. Not only did I get to do some HDR work with the photos, I finally found a nice way to use selective coloring for something for a client.

Anyone following the site for a while will notice that I’ve done some work with Off The Wagon before. I shot Free Comic Book Day for them, did some product photos, and even ran into them at Oddmall. It’s a fantastic place, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone in the Kent area.