Still Playing With Snapseed

I’m still playing with Snapseed today. I started going through older photos that I had on my phone. Most of them were taken with my DSLR, and many were already edited to some degree, but I just wanted to experiment with some of these tools a bit more. Some were more subtle than others.


Experiments in Editing

I’ve been experimenting a bit with post today. I played with different Lightroom presets, did some more HDR, and merging obscene amounts of photos for panoramas. What I did for each shot is in its caption. Some of these are more extreme than others, so let me know how I did in the comments below.

Moth Montage

I decided to take a much overdue photo walk today and noticed, among other things, a group of moths in a flower bush. I took enough photos to experiment with the editing. Normally, I only choose one from a series, but I can’t seem to pick a favorite from these. So, I decided to post them all and let you guys decide. Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below.