Pikachu In The Pool

     My friend Jen responded to a model call I put out on Facebook. I took what I learned from shooting underwater earlier this week and applied it to shooting today. Still, shooting underwater is kind of a pain. There’s holding your breath, trying not to make bubbles, trying not to float when trying to pose, no viewfinder or LCD screen for the GoPro, waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds, the list goes on. Still, we both had a ton of fun, and would love to do it again.

Looking For Cool WordPress Pages

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about my WordPress use lately. I have a habit of just uploading my content and leaving without really seeing what else the site has to offer. I’m poking around a bit on my own to see what I can find, but I’m open to suggestions. If anyone knows any really cool blogs worth checking out, please point me to them in the comments section.

Also, since my posts get way more views when I have a photo attached, enjoy this link-bait photo of my cat.


Ummm, yeah. I had started writing but then Hyrule needed saving again.

Photo Mar 13, 3 03 25 AM

Yeah, so I was going to start writing an article for today , but I noticed my DS on my nightstand, and couldn’t resist wrapping up the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks file that I started about a year ago.

As mixed as my feelings are on the title, I’m feeling pretty satisfied in wrapping it up. Now, behold, my attempt at taking DS screenshots with a cell phone camera that! I stacked both images on top of each other in Photoshop because I couldn’t get a decent photo of both screens at the same time.