Easing Back In

My schedule has been more than a little ridiculous lately, leaving little time to just shoot for myself. In an attempt to break the monotony, I grabbed my D80 and 50mm, hit the pavement. First, I found not one, but two wedding parties, and snapped a few candid shots I’m not able to when shooting a wedding myself. After that, I hit up a party over at the Groove-E-Juice E-cigarette shop to celebrate the opening of its new lounge. But I didn’t get to stay long. The smoke detector’s visual sensor mistook the e-cig vapor for smoke, setting off the alarm and calling the fire department. Fortunately, it all got sorted out, and the party was free to continue.


More Groovy Shoot

These were part of the shoot I did for the poster. I’ve been sitting on these for a while now, and since I didn’t have time to shoot today, it’s as good a time as any. Besides, I really can’t imagine anyone complaining about more Jordan Castello, can you?

Groov-E Juice Poster, Work In Progress

Groov E Poster 1Last year, I did an internship with an awesome guy named Jason Noble. He’s an absolutely amazing photographer, and it was fantastic working with him. He’s also got a side business selling e-cigarette flavors and accessories. The thing of it is, it keeps him too busy to make some really nice promotional material. So, Jordan and I thought it would be fun to produce some work he could use.

I still don’t have it where I want it to be, but this is the first poster I’ve got so far. What do you guys think?  As always, criticism is always welcome.