Snow Rollers

I discovered a particular phenomenon as I was walking into the apartment today. Large snow rings had either formed or been constructed near the main door of my building. After some extreme Facebook research, we discovered that these are called snow roller. They’re formed when the wind catches a bit of snow and it rolls, cartoon style, picking up more as it goes. The center collapses and you have a snow roller.


My New Toys

I took a little bit of time tonight to play with some of new figurative and literal toys. I strapped my new flash triggers and honeycomb to my SB700 to get a spot-light effect that I could use on a smaller subject. Then, noticing that the light was too harsh, I diffused that with a sheet of notebook paper. But, lacking real models, I grabbed a couple of the action figures that I’ve accumulated for just just such occasions.

The Garlic Press


I like garlic. A lot. How much is a lot? Enough to break through this solid, hefty, stainless steel garlic press inside a year’s worth of use. Cards on the table, I’m more impressed than anything.  It’s been sitting on our fridge for a while because I’ve been meaning to shoot it, but never did. BUT, I got myself a flash honeycomb for Christmas, and could think of no better trial run for my new toy.


The honeycomb fits over the flash, focusing the light through those holes in the frame to make a spotlight effect.


Max helped me demonstrate the spotlight effect for Karen.