Deer in the Fall

The deer came wandering around the back of the apartment again. Since so many leaves have fallen off the trees, I was able to get some of the clearest shots I ever had of these guys.

Funny story, I accidentally formatted the card with these photos (as well as the Cat Day photos) before I realized that I hadn’t moved the files to the computer. After a mild freak-out, I remembered from an episode of the awesome This Week in Photo podcast, that a formatted card isn’t wiped clean; it’s just set to allow for new data to be written over the old. I went poking around online for some free recovery software. I eventually came across Ease US Software, which did the job well enough, didn’t cost me anything, and didn’t riddle my laptop with with various super viruses (that I know of). And thus concludes all of my plugging for this particular post.


Wedding Geese

It’s been a crazy couple of days between job hunting and editing wedding photos. The only time I’ve seen sunlight was when I went out to landscape. Anyway, enjoy this photo of geese I snagged during my last wedding shoot.


Kent Cider Fest

So, I’ve been shooting pretty much every day but have fallen behind in posting. This was the Kent Cider Fest I shot really quick on my cell phone camera on a walk. Go full screen to see the captions.





Bonus phone HDR:



Kent Air Show

I took a few hours to go shoot Kent’s annual air show for Lost in Oscar Hotel this weekend. Don’t forget to scroll over the photos; some have captions. Fun fact; I listened to Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone on repeat while editing this shoot.