Free Comic Book Day

It’s official: I will freelance for comics. But when Off The Wagon, one of my favorite local stores, offers me extra free comics and store credit towards more comics to come and shoot Free Comic Book Day, how can I refuse? I love shop, the staff, the free comics, the costumes, and the amazing people. I hope this event continues to grow since it’s such a fantastic way to meet great people and get more exposure for an often under appreciated medium. I haven’t had time to dig into my comic bundle yet because I wanted to get the photos edited, the post up, and get a few miscellaneous things done, but I’m going to wrap this up so I can enjoy my hard-earned comics and some tea.



My New Toys

I took a little bit of time tonight to play with some of new figurative and literal toys. I strapped my new flash triggers and honeycomb to my SB700 to get a spot-light effect that I could use on a smaller subject. Then, noticing that the light was too harsh, I diffused that with a sheet of notebook paper. But, lacking real models, I grabbed a couple of the action figures that I’ve accumulated for just just such occasions.