2014 turned out to be kind of a big year for me. I left my temp job to freelance full time, had my work published in a book,  got married, moved into a house, and just last week I became a godfather.

Those are just the bigger events of my life from this last year. For all of the smaller moments and memories, I look back through the photos I’ve taken this year. That’s where all the tiger hunts, bike rides, fashion shows, travel, events, and quiet afternoons reside.

 This is what I love to do more than anything,  the love and support of those closeto me, as well as everyone I’ve met through the site, is what lets me keep doing it. I can’t say for sure where I’ll go in 2015, but I have some big plans in the works. So, keep an eye on the site, and we’ll go together.


Outrunning Winter 4

Since I’ve been uploading GoPro images from my bike trips so often, I’ve started to look for alternate routes to keep things from getting too stale. I didn’t have much time to explore, but I did manage to explore a new way to and from where I work. First, I went through some back roads behind the country club and then I found a new vantage point for one of the Twin Lakes behind a local tavern. On the way back, I found a middle route between the short and long ways home.

Six Month Retrospective

Wow, it’s been about half a year since I started this site. So, I thought that a quick retrospective would be interesting, so I rounded up a handful of some of my favorite photos thus far. I have a ton of ideas I want to try, unfortunately, life has a habit of getting in the way. I hope that the best is yet to come.

New Tricks on an Old Photo

Since I get two entries for the This Week in Photo landscape contest, I decided to submit this along with my other entry. I felt that the original needed a bit of retouching to really competitive though. This photo below is the new piece that will be submitted to the contest.

Swiss mountain retouch

Mountain before and afterIf you enlarge the before-and-after image at right, you can compare the two photos. There wasn’t really anything too major done. I just increased the contrast, nudged up the saturation, brought the shadows on the mountains in the background down a bit, and cropped the clouds out of the top. I think that these minor changes came together to produce a much stronger photo overall.

Shooting on the Job


Working three jobs doesn’t always leave much time to shoot. But, since one of my jobs is landscaping, I can sometimes snap a few frames with my camera phone as I go. I shot this one while trimming, edited it on my phone during a break, and then uploaded it via my WordPress app.

This View Doesn’t Suck


Karen and I took the day to ourselves and went for a hike. After climbing all the way to the top of the outlook, we stopped to take in the view, and grab a few photos. After all the more elaborate shooting and techniques I’ve been practicing lately, it was nice to just do a straightforward photo to upload.