Holiday Card

Another of my freelance projects. Some friends of mine were looking to send out their first holiday card as a couple and I was excited to help them out. We started with with photos of them and their adorable pets, then I designed the card from scratch for them. It was good to have the chance to stretch my graphic design muscles again.


Megan and Nicole Card Final Realsie Swearsies 1.jpg


Recovered beagle, Shiloh, sat in his kennel, waiting for adoption.

I spent all day scheduling shoots for the season, so I didn’t have much time to produce anything new. I planned on something new as a backup, but the software is acting up.  So, I pulled this photo of a beagle in a shelter from the archives. There is a ton of new stuff coming that I can’t wait to share, so stay tuned.

Dog Sledding

Today, I learned that I can run fast enough to keep up with a dog sled. Granted, said sled was only attached to three dogs. And none of them are technically sled dogs, per day. But, you know, running ahead of a group of dogs while carrying a camera and photo gear has to count for something, right?

What started with a McDonald’s run with my friend Ari, led to an improvised sled dog shoot. She and her roommate Jamie have just started training their dogs Azula, Gamble, Ryuk, and Juggernaut to work as a sled pulling team. They were all too excited to actually hold still being harnessed, and haven’t quite mastered the whole “turning” concept yet, but they’ll get there. And just so you know, Juggernaut the little black and white mutt, is up for adoption. So, if any of you are local and looking for a new friend who can also pull you around in the snow, let me know in the comments section.



One of a Kind Pets

My friends Chris and Lindsay invited me to come out to One of a Kind Pets. It’s an amazing no-kill shelter out in Akron that has rooms filled with free-roaming animals you can go in and hang out with. We spent about an hour just chilling out in rooms filled with cats. If not for Max, I totally would have come home with a kitten. It’s an amazing place, and if you’re looking to bring a pet into your life and in the Akron area, go check it out.


Oh, after the animal shelter, we went on a hunt for some fish. So, bonus fish photos.