Outrunning Winter 4

Since I’ve been uploading GoPro images from my bike trips so often, I’ve started to look for alternate routes to keep things from getting too stale. I didn’t have much time to explore, but I did manage to explore a new way to and from where I work. First, I went through some back roads behind the country club and then I found a new vantage point for one of the Twin Lakes behind a local tavern. On the way back, I found a middle route between the short and long ways home.


A Walk in the Pond

With winter reluctantly relinquishing its grip on Ohio and surrendering it to spring, the wildlife is beginning to reemerge. I’m really iffy on these photos. I love the subject matter, but find the photos themselves technically weak. The glass on my telephoto isn’t fantastic, and it’s only a 5.6, limiting what I could do in today’s low light conditions. Couple that with the fact that I didn’t have my beloved monopod with me, and you have some grainy photos. I want to try again with more light, and the proper gear.