Outrunning Winter

We’ve had an unseasonably warm October, and I’m taking advantage of that as much as I can. I’m not content to just be working outside, I need to be biking to work too. And, of course, the GoPro comes along for the ride.



Recovered beagle, Shiloh, sat in his kennel, waiting for adoption.

I spent all day scheduling shoots for the season, so I didn’t have much time to produce anything new. I planned on something new as a backup, but the software is acting up.  So, I pulled this photo of a beagle in a shelter from the archives. There is a ton of new stuff coming that I can’t wait to share, so stay tuned.

Off The Wagon

I was asked by the owner of local shop, Off The Wagon, to get some outside photos of the store for a custom game she is putting together. I headed out at 6am to be sure I could get clean shots without pedestrians, cars, and other visual clutter. Even though the other buildings obscured the best of the golden hour light, I’m happy for what I did have to work with. Not only did I get to do some HDR work with the photos, I finally found a nice way to use selective coloring for something for a client.

Anyone following the site for a while will notice that I’ve done some work with Off The Wagon before. I shot Free Comic Book Day for them, did some product photos, and even ran into them at Oddmall. It’s a fantastic place, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone in the Kent area.

Snapseeding In Kent

When I get a new tool or learn a new trick, I have a tendency to use the heck out of it for a while, and then it sort of fades back into the toolbox. The novelty has kind of worn off the Snapseed at this point now that I’ve gotten to understand it a bit more. I’m thinking of making a tutorial at some point soon though.

That being said, I did enjoy taking some time to wander downtown Kent yesterday to see what I could shoot before I went to work.

Into The Storm

As I sit inside, sheltered from a much-needed storm outside, I think back to a few weeks ago to some similar weather. I was sitting with my book, listening to the rain as I received a message from a friend, asking if I was safe inside. Just as I was responding, I received another, similar message.  My phone kept going off as more and more people wanted to me sure that I was not braving the storm to take photos.

Now, I was intrigued. Should I be out shooting? I pulled out my laptop and started checking social media local news, and my police scanner. Sure enough, there was flash flooding reported all over the area . How could I be expected to stay inside when there was this much news to shoot? I rushed to waterproof my gear for the rain and headed for the door. Fortunately, most of the rain had stopped by the time I headed out the door to see what I could find.


I’m not sure if it’s genetic or learned, but journalists seem to lack the self-preservation instincts that drive most sane people away from danger as opposed to toward it.

At Least I Have The River

I’m still attacking the backlog. These are from back in April when a classmate had messaged me about doing a shoot at the Kent Stage. It took me some time to get in contact with the people in charge and work out some time to get us the stage to ourselves for the shoot… and she never showed. No call, or message, or anything at any point. I still haven’t heard back from her.  All I have to show for my trouble was this silhouette of me with my camera I took while I was waiting.


I guess it wasn’t a total loss though, I did manage to get a few river shots on the way home. Nothing at all new to the site but they’re popular enough.

Returning To Twin Lakes

I had more yard work to do, but I brought my DSLR this this time so I don’t have to rely on my camera phone. I lucked out, since the birds were feeling friendly. Normally they hang back at the tops of trees and close to the water, but today they stuck close enough to the road that I could get clear shots with my 24-70mm and 50mm.

Of course, I shot more than just the red-winged black birds.

And, because all of you just love toads: