Hoop Cam 2

I finally got the balancing right with the hoop cam. I just figured the easiest thing to balance out a GoPro, was another GoPro setup. Well, the mount and case anyway; the housing is empty. It’s been great practice for learning how to edit with Adobe Premiere Pro, and feels like a big step forward from my last hoop video.

Music is remixed by Benjamin Briggs of Overclocked Remix, and you can find the original here: http://youtu.be/xT6clbhifxA

Flaming Fans

If you liked the fire dancing shoot I did with Dominique, I’ve got good news. After we finished shooting the stills with the DSLR, we took out the GoPro for some video. We rigged a small, flexible tripod to act as a makeshift harness then set it to record as she performed. It was basically the same setup I used with my friend, Ryan, last year. I will never run out of places to stick my GoPro! If you have any suggestions as to where I should stick that little camera next, or any thoughts on the video, feel free to post them down below. After that, be sure to check out Retro Mix Revue. Their fantastic acoustic cover of the Gerudo theme from Ocarina of Time was the background for the video. So, if you have some time, follow the link, and show them some love.