Outrunning Winter

We’ve had an unseasonably warm October, and I’m taking advantage of that as much as I can. I’m not content to just be working outside, I need to be biking to work too. And, of course, the GoPro comes along for the ride.


Sunday Skies

I had meant to spend the better part of the day just landscaping, but the weather did not want to cooperate. The intermittent rain made mowing difficult, but the clouds were breathtaking. I found myself pulling over to take photos as I was driving around for my errands. As always, the best place to get good sky panoramas is the Kent State airport.

Fashion Week-Thursday

Kent State has one of the biggest fashion schools in the country, and this time of year, they’re always doing big things with student projects. As with the concerts I  shot previously,I’m happy to help the school since I’m still in the area. In lieu of a normal runway show, the event took place at the 157 Lounge, a local bar. Models stood on platforms in the middle of the bar, allowing guests wander through to examine the students’ work. It’s a clever idea and gave me some photographic opportunities outside the standard runway shots. Of course, the fact that the outfits were as awesome as they were didn’t hurt either.

As a bit of a post script, lighting in places like this can be hard, so it never hearts to keep an eye on the environment for ways to set your white balance properly. grey wall

Of course, barring that, you can always ask for a little bit of help with your grey cards. grey card

I Found Some Old Work

In preparation for judging last week’s high school photo contest, I dug out my high school portfolio. And, since people really seemed to like checking out my old college stuff, I figured that I’d scan some to post to the site. Unfortunately, there are quite a few photos that I couldn’t find. If I find them, I’ll post them later.

That being said, most of what I shot back then was pretty terrible, I just didn’t realize it. My friends, family, and photo teacher just sort of fed my ego. College was a pretty rude awakening when I realized just how far behind some of my peers I was. What do you guys think?

But I didn’t just find my high school portfolio when digging through storage, discovered a bunch of photos that I shot back in middle and elementary school. Most weren’t worth looking at, but there was one little photo packet that had a handful of double exposed images that I shot with my old Canon SLR. It was a fun experiment, wandering around the neighborhood, and seeing what images I could piece together. The goal was to juxtapose shots of nature with industrial objects. Almost all of the images were a mess, but a few turned out interesting to look at. There’s also a handful of other photo I found that just amused me. The best being an attempted self portrait I took between two mirrors in a hotel in Canada. Too bad I failed to take the flash into account.

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