Mixer at The Cleveland Museum of Art

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnd I’m back!

I’ve got a newly repaired computer, functional internet, and my work schedule has a temporary lull. That is just in time to post photos from a recent event at the Cleveland Museum of art. There was live music, drinks, pumpkin carving, and plenty of art I could talk about with my friends so I could prove that three semesters of art history class weren’t a waste. The best part is that it’s a monthly event, and November’s centers around a fashion show! I can’t wait to go back again.

(Not) Working at Scribbles

Never underestimate what I can get done while I mean to be working on something else. I’ve been plowing through my to-do list the last few days, but things don’t seem to be coming together as much today. I got out of the house and went to Scribbles, my favorite coffee shop, thinking that the change in atmosphere would help. I wound up just shooting around the shop on my cell phone instead. It’s nice being the featured artist for this month here. When people see me shooting, I can just point to the walls and say, “Yeah, I’m the guy who did those.” The feeling is far more satisfying than it should be.

Kent Air Show

I took a few hours to go shoot Kent’s annual air show for Lost in Oscar Hotel this weekend. Don’t forget to scroll over the photos; some have captions. Fun fact; I listened to Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone on repeat while editing this shoot.