Fire & Foliage

We now have the third in my autumn portrait series. This time around, I teamed up with the the awesome Dominique to create a shoot that  combined fire dancing with the color of the fall leaves. This was tricky, since the fire dancing itself is only impressive after dark, and the fire bright itself isn’t enough to light the trees on its own. I came up with a lighting configuration that uses two, off-camera  flashes, one to create a shutter dragging effect and the other to light the trees behind her. I’m mostly happy with the effect as a proof of concept, but I would like to experiment with the setup more. I’m planning on putting out a more in depth lighting tutorial soon, as well as video, so be sure to subscribe if you want to see more.

Too Cold For Rivers

DSC_0004-2Karen and my friend Lee were raving about how they wanted to go for a walk, so, naturally, I geared up and headed out. We parked downtown to wander the riverfront and… didn’t even make 100 yards from the car. Not even five minutes in, and both of them had decided to wuss out from the cold and head back. I made sure to grab some photos from the bridge, since I had to shoot something.

Just a shot of the river from the bridge would be boring though. So, I used an old fallback of slowing the shutter speed down to about 1/15 of a second to get the motion of the water and used the railing on the bridge to keep the camera stable during the long exposure. Even then, I felt like it was still too dull to share, so I had some fun with it in Lightroom. Now that I feel like I made it into an interesting image, I fear I may have overdone the editing. I wasn’t even going to post this here, but my friends who saw it kept telling me how much they liked it. What do you think?

Late Night Lesson

I got a message from my friend Jen just after I got off the late shift asking me if I wanted to come help her with an assignment for her photo class. Always up for a photo shoot, I get dressed and headed out. I was trying to help teach her the basics of long exposure photography when we found a group of glow poi dancers downtown. It was a great chance to demonstrate how shutter dragging works, and I was even able to grab a few shots for myself. Granted, the flash wasn’t as reliable as I hoped, so I wound up with a bunch of shots where it just didn’t go off. I just decided to roll with it in the editing though, and just cranked the contrast up to 11 to get some cool abstract designs.