By Popular Opinion…

I guess I’m doing requests now. I snapped some photos on a walk that I didn’t really deem anything worth posting on here.  But, I figured they were good enough for Facebook where they started getting some positive feedback though.  So  I compromised and tweaked the photos  a bit to get them ready for prime time.

What do you guys think? Were these worth posting, or should they have languished in obscurity on my hard drive?


Birthday Gifts

     My friend Anna has a birthday coming up, and since she was the one who taught me the basics of the live trace art I put on the site, I thought that I would a new design just for the occasion. Problem is though, I have a tendency to go overboard, and made five. Now, I need some help from you guys to pick the best one. Just place your vote in the handy poll box. The winning print gets the honor of being an extra special birthday gift this Saturday. So be sure to vote, and if you’re feeling extra participatory, leave a comment down below telling me what you liked/hated about the designs above.


A Walk in the Pond

With winter reluctantly relinquishing its grip on Ohio and surrendering it to spring, the wildlife is beginning to reemerge. I’m really iffy on these photos. I love the subject matter, but find the photos themselves technically weak. The glass on my telephoto isn’t fantastic, and it’s only a 5.6, limiting what I could do in today’s low light conditions. Couple that with the fact that I didn’t have my beloved monopod with me, and you have some grainy photos. I want to try again with more light, and the proper gear.