Bike Ride to Beethoven

The bike photos from my GoPro last week were taken from a time lapse I took with GoPro that I combined for a video. I think I’m getting the hang of editing these these bike trip videos, but I would appreciate a more stable image. I’ll look more into it for the next one. This was my longest, recorded ride yet, but I worry that the video may have turned out too long.

I’ve watched this footage too many times to be a proper judge anymore. What do you guys think? What changes should I make for next time? Let me know in the comments below.

Biking Through Columbus

It’s been trickier than I thought getting biking footage from the GoPro right. I’ve been experimenting with what to set for the exposure interval, video speed, video length, and how to work around memory card and battery limitations. I think I got it just about right with this footage of a bike trip through Columbus though. Let me know how I did in the comments below.

Down the Esplanade

Anyone around Kent State will have noticed that both the university and town proper have been undergoing a somewhat dramatic overhauls over the last couple of years. The centerpiece being a new esplanade that starts at the student center on campus, and connects directly to the downtown business district. And, with me having both a GoPro and a bike to which to attach it, I decided to do the university marketing department’s job for them and shoot some time lapse.

Photos Around Campus


       I had the opportunity to judge a photo contest for visiting high school students up at the university. They were given two hours to scour the town and campus for the best photos that they could find. While they were out, I took the time to shoot some photos of my own. I even took the obligatory squirrel photo.  I got that bird’s-eye-view photo by putting the GoPro on time lapse mode and attaching it to my monopod.DSC_0034