First Walk Through the Snow

Do you see what I do for you? I had enough house repair and photo work to do that I could have easily stayed home, shrouded in the warm embraceĀ  of my Spider-Man hoodie. But, no. I decided that I needed to brave the elements so that I could bring all of you photos from the first snowfall of the season.


The Phone Dump

Because of various weather issues, I’ve been spending the better part of the last week just catching up on landscaping. That means fewer big, DSLR shoots, and more shooting what I can find with my camera phone. I kept planning to upload these in the evenings after I was finished working, but wedding planning and other professional editing projects took priority. So now, I just edited them all in one go in one huge memory dump from my camera phone.

I also wound up with a ton of flower photos. Since I took so many to be sure that I had at least one clear image, I wound up with a slew of surplus photos. I decided to get experimental with the editing, and I think that I wound up with some cool results.

Did I go too far with the Lightroom effects for these? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.