It’s Really, Really, Really, Really Cold

In case the title wasn’t enough to give it away, Ohio is being Ohio, and temperatures have dropped from the 50s to the negative double digits in about 3 days. I’d prefer to hibernate until I can bike again, but I know I can’t neglect the site anymore. Not to guilt my followers, but I ventured forth through the frozen wasteland just to bring all of you photos.


Exploring by the Lake

Even with all the GoPro photos I’ve been posting from my bike rides, I’ll still stop if I see something I want to shoot with my cell. If any of the locations look familiar, I shot these the same day I took the photos I posted yesterday. I the editing on a couple of these looks extreme, it’s because I’m messing around with some more advanced Lightroom tools. Please, let me know if I’ve gone too far with these.

Outrunning Winter 4

Since I’ve been uploading GoPro images from my bike trips so often, I’ve started to look for alternate routes to keep things from getting too stale. I didn’t have much time to explore, but I did manage to explore a new way to and from where I work. First, I went through some back roads behind the country club and then I found a new vantage point for one of the Twin Lakes behind a local tavern. On the way back, I found a middle route between the short and long ways home.