First Real Snow

The bad snow has finally made its way to Ohio. It was gorgeous, the snowfall was gentle, there was no wind, the flakes were huge, and the temperature wasn’t too cold. I took advantage and went walking and shooing before work and on my break. Editing was fun too, I basically upped the contrast and clarity to try to emphasize the individual flakes.


My favorites for the night are a sequence I shot of a couple trying to get their groceries across the shopping center lot.


Into the River

The heat and humidity were getting ridiculous, so Jordan and I ventured down to a local river for a photo shoot. This is just a preview for now, since I’m only about 1/3 of the way through editing the total shoot, and acclimating to Lightroom as an editing tool. I’m experimenting with effects a bit here. Don’t forget to like and share, and as always, leave any comment, questions, and criticisms in the comments below.