Into The Storm

As I sit inside, sheltered from a much-needed storm outside, I think back to a few weeks ago to some similar weather. I was sitting with my book, listening to the rain as I received a message from a friend, asking if I was safe inside. Just as I was responding, I received another, similar message.  My phone kept going off as more and more people wanted to me sure that I was not braving the storm to take photos.

Now, I was intrigued. Should I be out shooting? I pulled out my laptop and started checking social media local news, and my police scanner. Sure enough, there was flash flooding reported all over the area . How could I be expected to stay inside when there was this much news to shoot? I rushed to waterproof my gear for the rain and headed for the door. Fortunately, most of the rain had stopped by the time I headed out the door to see what I could find.


I’m not sure if it’s genetic or learned, but journalists seem to lack the self-preservation instincts that drive most sane people away from danger as opposed to toward it.

Snow Rollers

I discovered a particular phenomenon as I was walking into the apartment today. Large snow rings had either formed or been constructed near the main door of my building. After some extreme Facebook research, we discovered that these are called snow roller. They’re formed when the wind catches a bit of snow and it rolls, cartoon style, picking up more as it goes. The center collapses and you have a snow roller.


So Many Windsock Photos

collage attempt 2

     I put this together as a gag gift for a professor of mine. See, over the last couple months, I worked with some of my professors on an aviation project called Lost in Oscar Hotel. One of my assignments was to just grab a photo of a windsock in some nasty weather; easy enough. Trouble was, it never matched up with my professor wanted. So I spent months going out to shoot windsock photos over the course of a few months. The center photo was the image that my professor finally decided would work for the book. I decided to put together a collage of all of the 150+ windsock photos that I had gone out to shoot for the assignment.