Cleaning The Office

I took some time to clean out the office in the apartment so that I have some space to work and exercise. And, since I love to multitask, I set up the GoPro on time lapse on the off chance that it might turn out to be something mildly interesting to watch sped-up. As a bonus, you get a little behind-the-scenes action of me shooting my wine glass photos at the end before the battery on the GoPro runs out.


Wine Glass

Broken Wine Glass 2Karen broke one of our wine glasses the other night, which can only mean that I have anew photo prop to play with!

     I played around with some photo manipulation too. I filled an identical (intact) glass, shot that under the same conditions, and played around with a couple variations on combining the two images. I think I’ll need to a) lean how to better shop the imperfections off the glass, b) light a bit differently to reduce glare, and c) try again, but fill the second glass more to give more definition to the glass’ shape.

Broken Wine Glass combine 1

Broken Wine Glass combine 2