Lightroom is Mobile

I probably couldn’t have asked for a better birthday miracle than Lightroom coming to mobile platforms. I spent about an hour just playing with different cell photos from my Galaxy to see how the port holds up to its big brother. Most of the functionality is intact. Trying to cram a full Adobe program’s functionality into such a small screen means that the interface isn’t as streamlined as something like Snapseed, but I’m willing to sacrifice accessibility for depth. I’ll keep playing with the program, but I’m confident I’ll be getting plenty of use out of it.

The Snow Day

Since Karen is a teacher, she doesn’t have to go into work on snow days. We had planned to go for a long walk and maybe some sledding and snow man building, but I wound up spending most of the day just digging out my family after the snow storm. I still managed to snag a few photos before the sun set.

The Heron Hike

My friend Jen informed me that the blue herons are returning to the area, and now is one of the best times to shoot.  Well, the males, anyway. They fly back to the area in advance to prepare the nests for the females who will come later. I even saw a few fighting over prime real estate. Others were squatting down two or three to a nest, making me wonder if they were trying to get the others to move out through passive-aggressive sticky notes and not washing dishes like a nasty college roommate. Either that, or they’re just two dude herons on back from Massachusetts who have decided to settle down and start a nest together, and maybe adopt a few eggs.

It’s worth mentioning that while I was out, I may have taken a step towards photo elitism out there.  I saw this a man with point-and-shoot trying to take pictures of the birds, and I wondered why he was even bothering with it. Something like that can’t get nearly the optical zoom one would need to shoot these birds from so far away, the sensor couldn’t be strong enough that there would have been any sort of clarity if he tried to enhance the image digitally, and there is no way that an automatic camera could have metered  correctly for the herons in the trees with so much sky blowing it out. And just was I was trying to wrap my head around this, a woman drove up in a minivan, roller her window down, and started shooting from the street with her iPhone! It blew my mind. Here I was with my Nikon D80, 70-300 lens, and monopod, and I still felt like I wasn’t properly equipped to get the shots I want. 

Now, I’m not saying that one can’t get good, or even great, photos without top-of-the-line gear. Sometimes what you’re shooting means that you won’t end up with an unintelligible mess of a photo. I know that some people feel the obligation to shoot certain experiences, and I get that. But, you’re really only distracting yourself from from what you’re living now for a piece of posterity that you won’t even recognize in a month if you even think to look back through the photos at all.

This goes for you pros too. I make it a point to put my camera down every now and again and just soak in what’s in front of me. Not every experience needs to have photos. Some of them just need to be lived.

Dog Sledding

Today, I learned that I can run fast enough to keep up with a dog sled. Granted, said sled was only attached to three dogs. And none of them are technically sled dogs, per day. But, you know, running ahead of a group of dogs while carrying a camera and photo gear has to count for something, right?

What started with a McDonald’s run with my friend Ari, led to an improvised sled dog shoot. She and her roommate Jamie have just started training their dogs Azula, Gamble, Ryuk, and Juggernaut to work as a sled pulling team. They were all too excited to actually hold still being harnessed, and haven’t quite mastered the whole “turning” concept yet, but they’ll get there. And just so you know, Juggernaut the little black and white mutt, is up for adoption. So, if any of you are local and looking for a new friend who can also pull you around in the snow, let me know in the comments section.



Snow Rollers

I discovered a particular phenomenon as I was walking into the apartment today. Large snow rings had either formed or been constructed near the main door of my building. After some extreme Facebook research, we discovered that these are called snow roller. They’re formed when the wind catches a bit of snow and it rolls, cartoon style, picking up more as it goes. The center collapses and you have a snow roller.