No Need to Worry

With any luck, yesterday’s post raised a few red flags to any of my friends, or frequent readers to the site. No, I haven’t snapped. Well, yet, anyway. It was just a sort of social experiment.

You see, two days ago, I posted and article titled Breaking Free of the Echo Chamber. It was a piece that I put a fair amount of effort, into, and it was something that I hoped could at least get a few people to start thinking about their media consumption. And, the piece was a total bomb, only receiving 16 hits, a low point as I was usually averaging around 30 per day.

It was upon looking at those stats I remembered my fiancé making an offhand comment about just posting cat photos; this being the internet and all. At first, I just laughed the idea off. But, then, I got to thinking that it could make an interesting social experiment. Why not see what fares better, the writing, or some lowest common denominator cat pictures?

I started with some of the miscellaneous pictures of Max that I shot around the apartment. But that’s not enough. I added some of the most vapid, incomprehensible captions I could. There were intentional misspellings, almost no punctuations, and to top it all off, gratuitous use of “lol.” Converting the text to a vibrant purple became the finishing touch.

Well, the results are in. To my surprise, the cat photos only netted me about 23 hits; nowhere near the 60-90 I that some of my other work has gained on busier days. What can I take away from this? I’ve got it narrowed down to three different possibilities.

First, people want more substance than they’re given credit for. Secondly, that my cat is not as cute as I personally think. Third, not too many people are really paying too much attention to my little site as I had hoped for.

At any rate, it was a fun little experiment, but hopefully not something that I will repeat any time in the future. On a final note, anytime you guys see me post something like that in the future, it is a clear sign that something is wrong, and you all should be totally worried.

While I promise that deplorable language will never return, maybe I could split the difference, and put cat photos at the bottom of my articles just for a little added reading incentive.


Max and her favorite Thundercat she got for Christmas.

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